Devin Spear is a designer and student living in Seattle Washington. Currently attending the Art Institute of Seattle, he is expecting to obtain a Bachelors Degree in web and graphic design in 2016.

Devin is currently working as a banker, and has gained a wealth of experience in the financial world. He is excited to make a career switch to the design field shortly, where he can explore a new world that utilizes aesthetics, imagination, and visual problem solving skills in the arenas of user experience and user interface.

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Link to Final Project


Emanuel Resnikoff I came to Seattle to study Interactive Media Design in 2012.  Now focusing on Experience Design, my background includes coding with languages for web-based, server scripting, and firmware applications.  I have professional experience in electronic fabrication and repair, electro-mechanical system design, and optical communications systems.  Human Interaction and Experience Design bridges the gap between my previous technical work and my current design ambitions.
Keep an eye on my work in progress right here and at

My name is Diana. I’m a student at The Art Institute of Seattle, pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design.
Having been born in the former Soviet Union, I was exposed to inferior commercial design sensibilities from an early age. Poorly conceived ads, atrocious magazine layouts, gaudy 90’s-era fashion and other generally obnoxious visual expressions. I was always curious and passionate to know how I might go about transforming all the bad into good.
Design is something that I attempt to use as a tool to not only enrich the visual canvass of our daily lives, but also, quite frankly, to make the world a better place.


Kate Dunagan I have found my tribe with industrial designers – I am a third year student at the Art Institute of Seattle. The blend of design, model-making and engineering challenges my creative side and excites my imagination.

My world comes to me through my fingertips. Building things is my creative outlet and have spent a good deal of time with wood, metal, clay and fabric. I love tools.

Tools come in many forms – wood and metal shop. Learning to draw expressively is the first step in expressing the ideas in my head.  Photoshop and Illustrator helps to make the ideas more precise. The 3D design programs CAD (Rhino) and Solidworks have opened the door to laser cutters and 3-D printers.  Lighting projects have led into the world of arduinos. Programming in Processing has greatly expanded the possibilities in design.

Link to final


keinan sutton  Initially from Kodiak Alaska, I came to Seattle in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Seattle. Now studying web design, expected graduation of 2016, I hope to use the same skills in a more interactive and accessible way.

 Link to final


My name is WeiChing Chen, from Taipei, Taiwan.  In 2008, I attended a study abroad program in Florence University of the arts in Italy for studying fresco painting and oil painting.  After 1 year staying there, I decided to go to the United States and get my first bachelor degree.  I went to Philadelphia University and spent 4 years to study Industrial Design. In 2013, I moved to Seattle and started my second bachelor degree, Graphic and Web design in Art Institute of Seattle. And I am expecting to graduate in Winter, 2016.

 Link to final



My name is Zoe Lowney and I am currently attending classes at the Art Institute of Seattle. My main focus is Graphic Design with knowledge in print, interactive, packaging, and web. I previously attended Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon where I received my Associates Degree in Graphic Design. I am expecting to graduate with my Bachelors Degree in the Summer of 2015.


Final Project:





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