Diana Thompson, Vision and Hearing disabilities

When researching breakthrough tech for people with disabilities I came across these 2 cool products:



Haptic technology uses vibration, force or movement to communicate via the sense of touch, to create shoes that allow visually impaired people complete mobility.

HOW IT WORKS: An insole that can fit into any shoe plus a GPS enabled smartphone, guides users with a series of vibrations that indicates to them what direction to walk.

INNOVATION: Visually impaired people can move around with confidence and security as their shoes and programmed GPS technology will take them to their desired destination. Geared to a wide audience, for every purchase of a pair of LECHAL footwear, the cost of the insoles will be subsidized for a visually challenged individual
(via GoodNet)



Designed by South Korean creators Kwang-seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim, Vibering is a watch with two rings that vibrate according to the distance and position of sound.
HOW IT WORKS: The watch and rings sense sounds, particularly vehicles, and vibrate with varying intensity depending on how close the user is to the sound.
INNOVATION: The fashionable and inconspicuous watch and rings are a great safety measure for keeping hearing impaired individuals out of harm’s way.

Processing sketch, Week 2 


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