Diana Thompson, Week 7

Final project ideas

1. Lost Pets of Instagram

Create a small WebApp with an easy-to-use interface that allows users to search for missing pets across the country (an beyond) based on location, hashtags like #missingdog, #missingpets etc., and other variables.

2. Free public mind work-out

The idea: As a person occupies a seat in public transportation, the pressure sensor sends a signal to start playing meditation music and a stress-relief hypnosis voice-over to the headphones, which will be hooked in to every seat on a bus, train or trolley. A person can choose to listen to the hypnosis or not.

To take this step further every public transportation could have a mini computer installed with a simple UI that let’s a person pick which hypnosis/meditation they want to listen to. For example, stress relief VS relaxation VS better focus etc…



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