Kate – Aquaphonics in Basel, Germany

http://vfua.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Ranka-Junge.pdfUF001 LokDepot, Basel: The first commercial rooftop aquaponic farm in SwitzerlandAndreas Graber, Mark Durno, Roman Gaus, Alex Mathis, Ranka Junge, 26.09.2014

“Aquaponics is an innovative and sustainable food production system integrating aquaculture with hydroponic vegetal crops. Fish supply the nutrients for fertilizing the plants, the plants cleanse the water for the fish tanks”. Humans in an urban setting benefit from the year-round harvest of fresh,local fish and vegetables with little global footprint.

urban_farmers_1                 UF_greenhouse

Launched in 2012 in Basel, Germany, a rooftop pilot project called” LokDeopt” is now two years in the making. Consisting of two prefab modules, ” one of the modules is an aquaponic greenhouse for the production of fish and vegetables. The other module is comprised of the containers for all other activities, such as administration, storage, rest rooms, etc. With these components (and a fire security staircase), virtually any flat industrial building rooftop can be prepped for an awesome aquaponic urban farm “.

fish tanks Basel  tending plants -Basel Basel greenhouses

They use a proprietary control system (Urban Farmers,  UF controller) enabling efficient and stable food production. The designs are modular OEM components. Urban Farmers developed the performance requirements. Technical Partners provide development, engineering and service. Controls and sensors are needed for shading, climate control and ventilation, pumps, water management. The water is recirculated and an entire sub-system is needed to control bio filters, UV light, disinfectant equipment, ph and much, much more.

UF Node is their cloud-based operations data solutions that provides real-time access for farm operators. Separate data is gathered and assessed from the fish -FISHMAN, and from the plants -PLANTMAN enabling them to monitor and control the farm with the use of this data.

Urban Farmers



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